Frederic Talgorn’s Biography

Frederic Talgorn’s Biography

Frederic Talgorn was born in Toulouse, France. He started to study music at the age of seven, first in his native city, then in Paris with Piano teacher Sabine Lacoarret and -following the advice of Olivier Messiaen– with Yvonne Loriod, both teachers at the Paris Conservatory.

He started writing for films in 1989 and, since then, shares his time between Paris and Los Angeles.   Amongst others, he wrote music for:

« Asterix At The Olympic Games », « Molière », Georges Lucas’ “Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”“Angels In The End Zone”, “The Temp”, “Fortress”, « So Close (Tellement Proches) », « Anthony Zimmer », « Président », « Trouble at Timpetill (Les Enfants De Timpelbach)», « My Stars » , “Heavy Metal 2000”, “Monty”, “The Devil’s Arithmetic”,   “Le Brasier”, etc.

His most recent projects for cinema or television include:

“The Little Prince” (2011)“The New Adventures of Peter Pan” (2012) and his music can be also heard in the film “McTaggart’s Fortune” (2013)

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Since 2003, he works closely in partnership with recording producer Tia Linke, who supervise his recording sessions, in addition to being his music editor and writing additional music.

He re-recorded many film scores with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, notably: John Williams’ “StarWars-Phantom Menace”, Franz Waxman’s “Peyton Place” as well as other scores by John Barry and Jerry Goldsmith.

In parallel, he has been asked by various soloists to write concert music:

Amongst others: A “Concerto For Trumpet” at the request of   Thierry Caens, “Olympus” for Brass Ensemble and Percussion, “Elegy” for Double Bass solo and Strings for Daniel Marillier, soloist of the Paris Opera Orchestra, “Vinum et Sanguinem”, cantata for baryton, soprano, speaker, choir SATB and Orchestra,   a “Concerto For percussion and Orchestra” for Didier Benetti, soloist of the French National Orchestra, “Mandala” for violin and Orchestra, ”Errances”   for Orchestra etc.

His music has been performed by the following orchestras: Philharmonia Orchestra,   London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Munich Symphony Orchestra, Orchestre des Concerts Colonne, Orchestre Philharmonique de Paris, les Cuivres Francais, Orchestre de Chambre d’Auvergne, Orchestre de Bretagne, Orchestre Symphonique de Teneriffe”.


Mes Stars et Moi-Interview with Director Laetitia Colombani-Studio Canal (French)

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“Les Aiguilles Rouges”- Dossier (French)

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Les Aiguilles Rouges – Dossier


-The Music Of “President” by Director Lionel Delpanque- (French)

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Texte President


-The Music of “Molière” by Director Laurent Tirard- (French)

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Texte Moliere


-The Music of “Anthony Zimmer” by Director Jerome Salle-(French)

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texte Anthony Zimmer


Review of “Heavy Metal 2000”- (French)

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Anthony Zimmer – Elégance et raffinement (French)

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RRRrrrr!!! – Frédéric Talgorn fait la guerre des cheveux (French)

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Review of “Moliere”- Timeout London (English)

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